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Instructional design

Our learning architects know that instructional design for e-learning is very different from the printed or classroom approach. They take in account the computer induced constraints and opportunities, and design true cross-media, effective learning experiences.

The LEARN24 learning architects have years of experience in instructional design, specifically for e-learning. They avoid the pitfall of designing e-learning courses similar to classroom training or printed material. They know how different the approach has to be and don’t lose themselves in an abundance of linear textual information. They design every e-learning package with a clear structure, a high degree of interactivity and presented in a visual, digestible manner. With the eventual knowledge gained and high retention as a proof of concept.


  • experienced learning architects, specialised in e-learning
  • application of proven design methodology
  • selection of the right visualisation method for each topic
  • structured combination of learning objects and course flow
  • multi-dimensional questionnaires and anticipatory exercises
  • experience with virtual and augmented reality in training
Instructional design