Immersive e-learning for the corporate and industrial world

An app that mimics to educate. Interactive Mobile Web

We created a mobile training app that puts a compressor room controller in a tablet.

Employee wellbeing e-learning.

We managed to capture a sensitive subject in a fun e-learning.

What we do

LEARN24 produces high quality immersive e-learning. Our credo is to design stimulating training material, integrated into the working environment and explaining even the most technical subjects in a highly visual and interactive package. Because we create all digital media in-house under one roof, from graphics and 3D to video and augmented/virtual reality, we can deploy the most suitable visualization medium for the subject matter at hand.

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Who we do it for

LEARN24 is 100% dedicated to corporate and industrial e-learning projects. Has been for over 30 years. While we have expanded internationally and evolved with technology, our focus has stayed the same: building highly immersive training content for large multinational companies. It has given us a wide experience in multilingual projects with a global reach, across numerous industries. And it still gives us the competitive edge over textbook centric developers and “all round” multimedia designers.

More about our services